Books By Haley Belinda

Books By Haley Belinda

Amy's Rainy Game
Amy’s Rainy Game

Enjoy and learn through roleplay; this is the last book in this series. Contains child humour and a funny rhyming short story.

Amy's Sunny Sunday is the 2nd book in the 'Through the window' Series
Amy’s Sunny Sunday

The Through The Window series were the first three books released by Haley Belinda easy to read books for the younger child or emerging reader, funny with rhyme. Books your child will want to read again and again…

KIds book Amy's Windy Tale
Amy’s Windy Tale

Amy’s Sunny Sunday includes snoring for your child to copy and a ticking clock; a simple, child-friendly book.

Amy’s Windy Tale is a funny, rhyming book that your child will warm to. Most of my books engage the reader through roleplay and rhyme. This book is ideal for the early readerĀ or young child.